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About The Vault

The grand building which Vault Bistro is situated in was formerly known as “Bank Chambers” and used to be where the HSBC bank was until in 2016 when they closed their doors. The building then came up for sale and was purchased by father and son Miles and William who had a new vision for the building. The building was split up in to different sections with flats on the first and second floor and retail units put in on the ground floor. It was at this time William decided one of the downstairs units would be the perfect space to open up the trendy restaurant and bar that him and his girlfriend had always spoken about. They wanted to bring a new upmarket, trendy restaurant and bar to Penistone so that they and other people of Penistone could enjoy it.

When splitting up “Bank Chambers” in to different sections they decided that the old vault of the bank was an amazing room to incorporate into the new restaurant they were set on opening; it was then at the point they decided the name of the new venture should be called “Vault”. The vault itself now is where the unisex toilets are kept and all features of the room that could remain the same have stayed; the middle cubicle of the toilets even has the original vault door on display, showing all the inner working mechanisms of the door.

A Bistro in its original Parisian incarnation, is a small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting with alcohol. Due to our size we decided it would be perfect to open a Bistro styled restaurant and so then our menu was tailored around this. We believe buying local quality produce is important which is why all our food has come from local quality suppliers such as Harrisons Family Butchers, Sailbrand & Penistone Fruit and Veg.

A Speakeasy bar was an establishment set up to sell alcohol during prohibiting in the 1920’s and 1930’s and were often well hidden as during that time the sale of alcohol or consumption of alcohol was illegal. We believed our cellar would be an ideal area to create our own interpretation of what a modern day speakeasy bar would look like. Its the perfect place to hide out from any prying eyes and enjoy an alcoholic drink with friends.

We hope you enjoy your experience at the Vault whether thats dining with us on on the ground floor, or enjoying drinks in the speakeasy cellar bar.

The Vault, 2 St Mary's Street, Penistone Sheffield, S36 6DT
Telephone - 01226 764534